Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sable Blanc, Djibouti on the Deli

Camel rides on Sable Blanc (The Deli in the background)

Continuing on the theme of "Djibouti is actually a beautiful place,"  today I'll feature Sable Blanc (a.k.a. White Sands), a beach in the Gulf of Tadjourah not far from the town of Tadjourah.  To get there you can do the aprox. 4 hour drive from Djibouti OR take the ferry to Tadjourah and then catch a cab  OR go by boat.  We picked option three and had a wonderful trip over on the beautiful Deli, a ship owned and managed by Dolphin Excursions.

Sable Blanc boasts a beautiful uncrowded beach, a rustic but clean 'resort' for overnights and fantastic coral reefs for snorkeling and scuba.  I still haven't bought myself a waterproof camera to show you the underwater beauty of Sable Blanc, but fortunately these folks have:  Scuba Steve Goes to Djibouti,    Snorkeling photo slideshow of Sable Blanc

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